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Investment Management

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Customized investment solutions for your practice

Expand your investment team with model portfolios, investment research, and ongoing management of your client’s portfolios. 

By taking the hassle out of portfolio management, trading, and rebalancing, we give you the tools you need to spend less time managing portfolios, so you can do what you do best: build relationships with clients and grow your business.

Your practice, your strategies.

By leveraging LPL’s platform and adding on our own technology, you can have your own custom portfolios for your clients. Our portfolio management team will work with you to select the securities, manage, and implement your own model portfolios. Your clients will see the “Jones Balanced Portfolio” or “Jones Growth Portfolio” on their statements. By delivering this personalized touch, you can create a custom experience for your practice and clients.

A turnkey solution for investment management

We offer several managed portfolios with customized and turnkey modeling created by our investment committee and in house Chartered Financial Analyst® Portfolio Manager. These portfolios align with our investment philosophy and strategy, which is tied to The Bucket Strategy®.

We provide a turnkey solution for investment management that makes it easy for you to implement your ideas—and provides our own investment strategies that you can use as well.

The Bucket Strategy®

The Bucket Strategy® is a concept to help clients to achieve their long- and short-term financial goals. Typically, the three buckets are integrated as one investment portfolio but can be broken into three separate portfolios with each pertaining to their own investment objectives, with their own target time frame and risk tolerance level.

Our Portfolio Management team and Financial Planning team can discuss how you may want to integrate this strategy-driven approach with your clients with our retirement income planning software and strategies. This process creates unique, data-driven reports that are easy for clients to understand how every dollar in their portfolio is working for them.

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