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A tech stack designed for the modern financial advisor.

Tools and support to help you show value to your clients.

Take a leap forward with modern technology that will help your firm grow and leave spreadsheets and manual processes behind. We’ll provide you with the tools and services to provide actionable advice, right at your fingertips.  

Full Service IT Support

Professional IT support specialists to your company’s core

Our team provides your business with expert guidance and management for a variety of information technology needs.

You’ll benefit from access to knowledgeable IT support staff on general computer systems, cloud platforms, electronic hardware, device networking, and software applications.

Our technicians are on-call to provide first-level support, either by phone or email.

Technology Support

A Modern Tech Stack

Services to help you do more

A cutting edge firm deserves a cutting edge tech stack. LCG Financial Partners offers the digital tools and automation you’ll need to onboard clients and simplify your business. At the end of the day, our job is to help you enhance the client experience.


Planning across your client’s lifecycle

Email, collaboration, and more

Full service portfolio management

Online document and form signing 

Cloud-based file storage

Retirement income planning software

The Bucket Strategy® Wealth Analysis

Our comprehensive financial reporting platform

Show clients where they stand and where they are going. The Bucket Strategy® Wealth Analysis starts with a client’s current assets then provides a hypothetical cash flow projection over the following 15 years within the framework of a Bucket Strategy plan.

The Bucket Strategy Wealth Analysis
Bucket Strategy Progress Report

The Bucket Strategy® Progress Report

Help keep clients on track

See where adjustments might need to be made to client accounts and help keep them on track so they don’t lose sight of their goals.

The Bucket Strategy Progress Report provides clients with periodic updates and an at a glance look at their account performance. The progress report includes summaries of their Bucket Strategy plan and household accounts, along with a comparison of account values across each allocation in the individual buckets. With this report, you’ll see when a client might be above, below, or right on the targets identified during the initial strategy session.

The Consolidated Position Report

Bringing it all together

The consolidated position report provides clients with a current household allocation summary and, for comparison, a summary of their allocation 12 months prior. 

Show your clients a consolidated portfolio detail, with the asset class, units, price, value, and portfolio composition information for each bucket.

Bucket Strategy Consolidated Position Report

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