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Succession Planning

The next stage for your practice.

What's next for your business?

You help clients retire every day. But do you have a plan in place for when you retire?

Succession planning can be a difficult topic to approach. As a financial advisor, no matter where you are in your career, now is the time to put together a plan for your business.

At LCG Financial Partners, we help you create a roadmap for your practice. Whether you’re looking at an internal succession plan, an external succession plan, increasing the valuation of your business, building a legacy for your family, protecting your life’s work, or looking to grow through practice acquisitions, we are here to support you and guide you through your next step.

We’ll assist you in building long-term business value that can be more readily realized through a sale, whether that sale is to us or to another successor. We’ll help you improve the long-term stability of your business and build reliability with clients and prospects. Succession planning will provide protection for your practice and family in case of your untimely death or disability. We’ll empower you to hand-select a successor for your clients and practice, giving clients the confidence they need in both their own financial well-being and in the future of your business. Our partnership with LPL gives us the scale and opportunity that is necessary to help with financing an acquisition or sale of a practice.

Succession planning protects

Succession planning can include

Succession planning protects you from

Simplifying the succession planning process

Our experienced team will consult with you to determine the best way for you to protect your practice, support your clients, maximize your valuation, and ensure a successful transition, whether you’re looking to retire now, or in the distant future. We specialize in all areas.

Practice Management

Developing and maintaining metrics and controls on your business

Corporation Structures

Reviewing your current business structure and how you are assigning revenue and equity


Identifying prospective buyers (or sellers), who align with your practice and goals


Working with the buyer (or seller) to structure a deal and financing that generates value for both parties

Deal Structures

The specific terms of the transaction, payments, and ensuring you get the deal that you want


Securing loans for how the transaction will be funded


Reviewing agreements, roles and responsibilities, platform mapping, account set-up, data transfers


Crafting the message to your clients so that they can feel confident in the changes that are happening within your business and ensuring a smooth transition for your clients and for you

Role Post-sale

Creating a lifestyle succession plan, where you can stay in the business and ease into retirement, keep a select number of clients, without the stress of running the business

Succession planning your way

Succession planning your way with LCG Financial Partners

  • Sell your practice to us
  • Sell your practice internally to another advisor in your practice
  • Sell your practice externally to another advisor outside of LCG Financial Partners or your practice
  • Do a partial book sale to us, internally, or externally
  • Create your plan for the future of your business
  • Create your plan to buy another business and tailor your acquisition strategy and value proposition

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